When you think back on it, every door since the beginning of time used to be a solid wood door. There was no such thing as aluminum, fiberglass, or particle board, so every entryway and exit was divided by redwood, pine, or oak: dense, sturdy, and always reliable. Maybe this is why these doors have never been out of fashion and remain popular to this day despite recent “innovations” in material.

Most wood doors create an old-world charm, which usually translates to the Victorian era of about 150 years ago. Many homeowners want to add some class and elegance to the front of the house, especially since this is the first thing people see as they approach your home. Believe it or not, your front door says something about you and your personality. And whether you’re adding this type of door to create an authentic exterior to an older home, or you just want to create that rustic look to a newer home, these doors suggest authentic craftsmanship, old-fashioned quality, and a traditional dependability with a modern twist.

The sound construction of solid wood doors makes for added security on several different levels. Have you ever knocked on a hollow door and noticed how it echoes? Does it ever feel like you’re hand could break right through the thing? There’s an innate impression of flimsiness to a lot of hollow and metal doors. Even if they are safe and solid, it doesn’t have the same heft and structure that comes from heavier wooden doors. Plus, solid wood doors seal better against inclement weather and wind drafts; they provide better soundproofing due to their density; and because of their weight they tend to have a higher quality jamb and locking system. When you shut the door, you’ll hear a nice, sharp click allowing for a better sense of closure in knowing that your house is safe from the inside and out.